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"Search engine optimisation" refers to the act of tweeking your site so that it may rank well for particular keyword terms, especially with crawler-based search engines. Once your web pages have been optimised it's time for them to be submitted to the search engines. Getting listed does not mean that you will necessarily rank well for particular keyword terms. It simply means that the search engine knows your pages exist. However, because your pages have been optimised, we are confident that your pages will soon achieve high search engine rankings.

As part of our web hosting commitment we automatically submit all the websites we design to the major search engines and directories for free, using both manual submission and, where appropriate, specially developed software programs. However, we feel it's only fair to point out that it can sometimes take several months before your pages start to show up in the rankings.

Doing well with search engines is not just about submitting right, optimising well or getting a good rank for a particular term. It's also about the overall job of improving how your site interacts with search engines, so that the audience you seek can find you. With this in mind, we are constantly looking at ways of improving your web pages and keeping up with changes in search engine strategy.